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The Truth About Creativity When Vacationing

posted Oct 23, 2012, 5:46 PM by Vishal Jain
Enough people have cited the fact that creativity strikes often when people leave their normal surrounds. When they go on vacation to Aruba, when they stay up late one night and take a shower the next morning, when they think of Aruba even if they are in their cubicle.

One question worth asking is why. It struck me earlier this week that the reason could be that environmental cues trigger repetitive neural firing patterns. So if you sit in the same place, see the same people, smell the same smells - you are cuing the same old ideas. But when you disrupt these cues, you allow your neurons to react to new circumstances and forge new paths rather than having old firing patterns reinforced. That pathway innovation leads to conceptual innovation.

So being on vacation, or changing your environment in any fundamental way, leads to creativity perhaps because of their disorienting affect on habitual neural patterns.