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The Communications Age

posted Apr 4, 2012, 6:54 AM by Vishal Jain
I do not think we are in the "Information Age" right now. I do not believe that the word Information sums up all of the innovation and economic value that businesses and consumers have created over the last couple decades.

Rather, i believe we are in a Communication Age. Every single product you can think of that relates to our burst in GDP over the last decade has been a product that simplified communications.

The premise has been using Electro-magnetism to send signals between distant locations, and the sending of signals - yes, translates information - but the value humans derive from this information is not merely its encoding, but its TRANSMISSION. The transmission of information is precisely what communication is and that's why we ought to think about the entire startup community as an organization of people who look at communications problems in the universe and attempt to fix them.

Google -- helping websites communicate with their target audience. Facebook - helping friends communicate with each other. Wireless -- helping people communicate with each other. Apple - helping musicians, friends and generally, people communicate with each other. Microsoft - helping employees communicate with each other.

Ok, harder ones..

OKCupid - helping single people communicate with each other. - helping music fans communicate new artists to each other. Pandora - helping artists communicate with listeners. Heroku - helping startups communicate with their target audiences. PayPal - helping business people communicate with each other. Ebay - helping merchants communicate with buyers.

Every opportunity to use the infrastructure of electronic circuitry to create economic value comes from one source -- making a communications issue efficient.