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Horrible UX - Spotify

posted Dec 27, 2012, 7:19 AM by Vishal Jain
I sent this note to Spotify the other day. I'm shocked that a company with such public ties to Facebook could have such a horrifically poor interface with Facebook connect - one that clearly breaks the terms of security and privacy for facebook too.

my note to Spotify below:

Hi -

I'm not sure if your UX team is already working on this, but you should consider the user flow for signing in when you are of the "Facebook Login" case where you have always logged in using facebook.

I am now trying to login from another computer, and downloaded the spotify app, but it asks for my facebook login and password. This is NOT the workflow that Facebook intended with facebook connect, i would NEVER trust you with my FB login and password, that is only to be stored on Facebook's databases, not to be shared with 3rd parties like you. That is the entire reason why facebook login exists, so that you can authenticate VIA fb, not using my password.

So now i enter my facebook email, and the spotify app still asks for my password. There is no way i'm going to enter my facebook password in your application, so should switch to MOG?